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Supercar Drift


If you like playing car games online we are now proud to say that we have published the future of car games. Super Car Drift is the game that will set the tone of the next games, if you are wandering what is special about it you will have to see for yourself, I can only say that this game has something that you couldn't see until now, it has a pit stop. After you race for a few laps you will find out that your tires are warn and that your fuel is almost gone so you must go to the pit stop, you can find it just before the start line, just keep calm your opponents will have to do the same so you won't lose your lead.

Super Car Drift is a game well balanced between a racing game and a car drifting game, you have the chance to make some breath taking drifts but also compete for the first place. In order to win you must get to the finish line first, and you will need a good strategy for this, you must take in consideration the pit stops and you must calculate how much can you drive with your remaining fuel and with your tires.

If you drive aggressive you will have to go to the pit stop and lose some precious time there, you must find that fine line to get the best time on a lap. In order to control the car you must use your arrow keys and for the drifts you can use the handbrake by pressing the space bar.

A good strategy at this drifting game and good driving skills are are required in order to win and lift the world cup over your head.