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Super Fighter


We have a surprise for you… we just prepared some very active and interactive boby to body games! If you are looking to play kickboxing games this is the place to do it! Here you can find muay thai games for every occasion… if you feel the need to feel some adrenalin rushing through your veins and if you need to get out of the state of boredom that conquered you for some time we have a game that will do exactly that for you! It is called Super Fighter and it will give you the chance to feel like a star.

If you like to play kickboxing games on levels, Super Fighter is the type of game where you will have to fight your way up from the easiest first level on. You will see that at first you will defeat the opponent quite easy, but, as you will advance you will observe that the other players will get better and better. So, you have to keep the pace and do your best to overcome them.

To perform at your best while you play kickboxing games you have to know how to defeat the others. You need to know the right combination of keys and the tricks you have to keep in mind during the fight. So, in order to move the character around you will have to use this time the ‘’A’’ and ‘’S’’ keys from your keyboard and the arrows to make combinations of kicks and hits that will take the opponent by surprise and this way you will win the fight.

Be careful and dodge from the harmful hits, they will slow you down. And also try to keep an eye on the health bar from the top of the screen; you can see how long you have until you defeat your opponent!

The aim of Super Fighter is to knock out your opponents in order to pass to the next level and so on until you become the ultimate champion! You will see that when you play kickboxing games you will feel awesome at the end when you see yourself the winner!