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Stick Figure Badminton


You can test your agility skills by playing online badminton on Stick Badminton game, an easy and interesting , game to play on your own or with your friends. When the game starts you need to choose the number of players: one player, or two players. For example you can play online badminton with the computer or with a friend. If you choose to play against the computer by pressing the start button, you can choose the character level: Fun, or Advanced. The difference between those two levels is the game mode you choose to play: either with your mouse - for fun level, either with your keyboard arrows for advanced level. Either way while playing you can move in all directions, jump or hit the badminton ball. Also you can play online badminton with a friend by choosing the 2 players game mode. This way the game becomes interactive and more fun.

While playing Stick Badminton all you have to do is to gather more points. Who will reach first at seven points will win a game round. Once you start to play online badminton your first opponent will be 'Really Easy Edy'. Edy is a beginner player like you, and an easy opponent. Once you've beat Edy you can go to the next round of the game, and met 'Naughty Nadia'. Nadia is more experienced and much faster than Edy. If you, by now improved your badminton skills and you are better at playing Stick Badminton, the third player will be 'Little Timmy'. Of course, Timmy is more experienced and much faster than Nadia, and the game will continue on and on with more and more experienced opponents.

Eventually, due to the more and more complex levels, you will lose and then you can play other free online badminton games. Here you can play online badminton games and have more fun. You'll see that to play online badminton is a great way to fill your spare time.