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Stick Cricket


It is time for stick cricket games now! So everybody gather around because we have just prepared for you a series of nice and interesting games! And now, a game which you will surely enjoy! It is called Stick Cricket and that is what you will do – play cricket using a stick!

At the first look upon this game you will see that it is quite easy when it comes to its graphic, but as you start playing you will also realize that a game doesn’t have to have a good graphic and to be all colorful and stuff to be good and to bring enjoyment to its players! These stick cricket games are pure cricket! You won’t have any special effects, no added features… just the game – you, the thrower, the ball and the bat! Nothing else to disturb you from your concentration upon the game…

So, these stick cricket games are like playing the real stuff but online! Buy playing online is not a bad thing because it gives you the opportunity to play some games that you can’t play in reality! Sometimes because they are too dangerous and sometimes because they are too rare and played only in competitions, like these professional cricket games

The rules of cricket are quite hard, but when you play these stick cricket games everything is simplified for your own fun and entertainment. So, as to sum up the objective of Stick Cricket… you have to try and hit the ball that is being thrown to you and not let it tip the wood behind you. In other words you don’t have to be bowled. 

So, in order to defend and hit the ball you have to use some keys depending of direction where the ball is coming. Be careful about its trajectory and press the ‘’W’’, ’’A’’, ‘’S’’ or ‘’D’’ keys to hit the all and throw it as far as you can! Usually when playing stick cricket games when you are being bowled the game is over and you loose. So be careful and not let that happen!