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Stay The Distance


How do you feel about having some fun playing a quick-shotle of 3D horse riding games? If you are feeling bored and you have nothing to do a good idea would be to look for some online games and start having a wonderful time in the world of cyber-space. What do you think about this? The game that we prepared for you today is being called Stay The Distance and its title says everything about it. 

Stay The Distance is an interesting racing game where you will ride a horse on your way towards winning. The rules are simple…if you ever seen horse riding competitions you will surely know what you have to do! The whole object of Stay The Distance is to pick the right horse for you in order to win the race. Like any other 3D horse riding games, this one is quite simple; you just have to concentrate upon consuming the resources of the horse gradually, without extenuating it.

You will also find the manner of playing very easy, playing Stay The Distance requires the use of only five keys – the arrows to control the movements of the horse and the space bar to jump over the obstacles that come in your way. Isn’t it easy? You will see that as soon as you finish one round you will already have accommodated with the rhythm.

Usually 3D horse riding games will give you the satisfaction of competing alongside other players, but, this time, you will compete against the computer. So, be careful because the others can be very good riders. You will have to calculate, according to the characteristics of the horse you picked, its strength and resistance. You will have to do this for a better performance and, most important, to avoid total extenuation of the horse.

So, are you still thinking? You shouldn’t stay anymore and start playing, you won’t be sorry… play some rounds of 3D horse riding games and you will feel like a champion in the real sense of the word!