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Squareman 3


Everybody get ready for a game that you will never forget, it will even bring back childhood memories… these swimming games to play that we will gonna present to you today will surely bring the smile on your face through their simplicity. The game Squareman 3 is a very interesting but simple game where you will be placed in a maze and by walking and swimming you have to find your way out.

You will have to look for doors, find keys, remember the route, avoid the harmful enemies and get to the finish. You will see that at the first look these simple swimming games to play you will find small resemblances with the well known game called PacMan… a game that everybody heard of and surely played at least once in their life.

The resemblance comes from the look of the game and its graphic… the same looking maze only a little bit improved! You will play with a character named Squareman – a very strange looking creature that has a squared head. With the help of Squareman you have to walk, swim and follow the clues in order to open all the doors of the maze and finally get to the end alive.

Although it is a very simplistic game when it comes to its graphic and it does not have the characteristics found in 3d swimming games the game is rather hard. You will need to use the keyboard to play and check for the instructions given by the computer all the time because it will share important information about what you have to do and how to survive more.

And if this nice game is not enough for you here you can find more swimming games to play suited for everybody! All that you need to worry when you play swimming games is not to fall in love too deep with them because they are so fun they will consume your every free moment and stop you from practicing real sports. So, I say that you need to go o the pool and be an active person… combine all kind of sports with these swimming games to play only when you need a brake!