Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Soccer Mini


The game that we will present to you in the following minutes is a quite strange one… From all the mini soccer games online this one is the only to be played without human players. How? Well… the players are being replaced by two small cars which you will control around the football court.

Using the arrow keys you can easily play these mini soccer games online. What you will have to do in order to win these American soccer games is to try and keep that ball with you and send it in the enemy’s gate within 10 minutes. Who has the grater score will be the winner in the end! This won’t be as easy as controlling human-like players because these cars are harder to drive.

 So, if you are a mini soccer games online fan and you also like to drive, Soccer Mini is the game that combines these two in a perfect harmony. You will enjoy driving around the terrain and also following the soccer rules!