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Ski Jump


Fun free ski jumping games can't really get any better than this. In this particular title you have to help Santa achieve the highest elevation and the longest jump distance. The graphics are nice and cartoonish and that music is absolutely perfect for this type of game.

So how does it work? Well you have two things that you have to do. In the top right side there is an oscillating marker that you have to stop as close to the center as possible. Press space and the line will stop on the blue arch. Keep space pressed to determine the power of the jump. It's a little tricky but in a quick-shotle of attempts you will get used to the controls – they are relatively similar in other free ski jumping games so if you learn these you should be OK in other games too.

The stars that float in the air toward the landing area give you points and allow access to the next level. Once you get the style and power balanced properly you should be able to collect most of those stars in 2-3 jumps.

Enjoy this fun ski jump game and also please have a look through our entire collection – you can play sport games all day long, they are all free and hand picked to offer the best entertainment. We are looking for more high quality online ski jumping games so please check back soon.