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Rib Challenge


I now have a very interesting game for you to play. It doesn’t matter if you are a an of racing boat games online or not, you will surely enjoy playing one of the most popular games of this genre. Rib Challenge is a fun game where you will go on an adventure and you will go seeking for targets. 

These bumper boat games can also be considered strategy games because you will have at your disposal a map that you can use any time you need it by pressing the space bar. What you have to do is to use your arrow keys to drive the boat on the wavy waters in seeking for your target. You will always see an arrow that indicated the target when you will look on the map – go in that direction! 

After you reach the first target the game will prepare you another one! You will play these racing boat games online until you find all 10 targets. You won’t fight with anyone and you don’t have to worry about enemies because it will be only you, your objective and will to sail here!