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Real Pool


At these pool games all you have to do is to send more balls into their holes than your opponent. Use your mouse to control your cue. Also you will have to use your mouse to aim and to shot the white ball. The rules are the same as in each pool game. Practice some rounds and you will see that your skills will definitely improve if you choose to play this amazing pool game.

Two players get 15 numbered balls from 1 to 15 and divided into two groups. There are the solid balls, numbered from 1 to 7, and the stripes balls numbered from 9 to 15, plus the black eight ball. As the game starts, the first player takes the breaking on the balls racked in a triangular fashion.

An object of the breaking shot is to choose a group of balls, solid or stripes. If the breaking shot pots a solid ball, the player is assigned the group of solids. If the breaking shots pots a stripe ball, the player is assigned the group of stripes at these new pool games. The ultimate goal of 8-ball pool is, for each player to pot all balls from the assigned group of balls, and then pot the eight ball to win the game. Also be careful because if you send the eight black ball into a hole before you put all your assigned balls, you will lose the game.

Don’t forget that you can choose to play these new pool games even in the multiplayer mode against your friends. This way the game will be more interactive and funnier. Practice some rounds before you challenge your friend at those games if you want to beat him much easier.

The Real Pool game is a cool way to fill your free time if you want to play these new pool games. There are also other types of 8 ball pool games on our site that you can choose to play anytime you would like. Enjoy playing those amazing games only on our site.