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Penalty Fever


The internet is invaded by all sorts of soccer games, because football is the most popular sport of all times and the most played all over the world penalty shooting games are made with thousands and someone who is looking for the first time on the internet for good sport games doesn’t know to differentiate the good games that are worth playing from the others; so, that is why we are here to make you decide what suits you better.

We have penalty shooting games for all tastes and there is no chance you won’t like any of our games. For example, the game that we are going to present to you now and which we recommend you try playing is called Penalty Fever and it is a medium game in terms of its difficulty.

That is a very good thing because it makes it a game that can be played both by beginners and also by professionals in the art of online video gaming. It can be used to practice and learn how to play soccer or it can be used to just spend your time in a fun, constructive way!

When you play penalty games you should expect to play only the last part of the game instead of playing all the game from beginning to the end like when playing soccer games… penalty games are concentrating on the most important part of the game and it doesn’t give you the chance to get bored in the meantime. 

Penalty Fever is a game which you can easily play using the mouse; and it is not hard at all to left click twice when you need to shoot and then, at the second throw, aim at the red spot that is shown inside the gate and everything will be all right. A very interesting and cool thing about these penalty shooting games is the fact that you are allowed to choose the team to play for from a long list with all the well known soccer teams of the world, so, this gives you the opportunity to indirectly back up your favorite team!