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Pearl Diver


All you out there who are looking for some interesting pearl swimming games, today is your lucky day… you now have the opportunity to go looking for rare pearls and get rich by gathering how many you can. You an even find hidden treasures if you are looking carefully. Pearl Diver is a very nice game where you have to dive into the depths of the ocean looking for the treasures of the abyss.

These pearl swimming games are very cool and attractive because they are so realistic. Everything is replicated after the real sport… even the movements of the diver makes you think about how hard it is to sink at great depths, feel the weight of the water above you and your lungs compressing.

Just like in real life, when you play swimming games, before jumping into the water you need to fill your lungs with as much fresh air as you can in order to survive. You can do this by alternate pressing the ‘’right’’ and ‘’left’’ arrow keys as fast as you can. After that you can start your dive! Once you are in the water use the arrow keys to get around and especially the ‘’down’’ one to accelerate your descent. This way you will save a lot of air and have more time to gather the pearls.

In order to pick up the pearls just press the space bar when you are near them and the diver will be quick and effective. The objective of the game is, as you may think, to gather as many pearls as you can without running out of air and also you have to get back to the boat safe and sound.

So, what do you say about getting rich? Are you ready to go looking for treasures? If so all that you need to do is press that ‘’start’’ button and play pearl swimming games! Pearls Diver can be played by everybody who is in need of an adventure, so… what are you still waiting for?!