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Park Your Ride


If you choose to play 3d racing games you can pick a real racing game, but also a parking game which is somehow part of the same category, just like Park Your Ride.

Like for all 3d racing games, you have to use your keyboard to play the game. If you want to move forward you have to press the up arrow key, if you want to move backwards you have to press the down arrow key and if you want to turn left or right you have to use your left and right arrow keys. This game also has a “story”. So, the idea is that you are trained to get a job with a well-known Valet Parking company called “Drive’s Valet Parking”. The driver must pass the following parking tests to earn his valet license.

It’s very easy to park your car because you have an overview of the parking place. You must pay attention at the other cars and at the borders because if you hit them your car will be damaged. You have 5 trials, with 5 different cars. On the top bar you can see your elapsed time and the time left for your 5 trials. If you want to park all the five cars you must hurry, because you don’t have too much time. While playing 3d racing games you usually can play them also in the multiplayer mode and this way you can track your evolution against your friends and you can make efforts to become a better driver than they are.

Even if you might have thought that 3d racing games are only those games in which you must get to a final point in the shortest time that you can, the Park Your Ride game is included in the same category. Car racing games for boys are various and countless, that’s why you have to make a good decision when you choose the game you want to play from a list of so many games and the most important thing, do not forget to subscribe your score regardless of the game that you have chosen to play.