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Paparazzi Parking


Try to do a paparazzi parking under stressful conditions. So gently deliver the fancy car to its parking space, while you also take a picture of the superstar's cars passing by. The targets will be flashy signaled, but you need to be focused and ready to do the fast photo.

Make the best of your arrow keys to help you get around, moving left or right, and you might want to also use the B key, to hit the brakes in difficult spots or corners you need to take. Pay attention to the traffic in all five levels and make sure they don't scratch your car before delivering it to the parking spot. Paparazzi parking games 2013 are demanding and the difficulty increases in each quest, but you can do it. After safely parking the car, don't forget to be on the lookout for your target cars. Press the CTR key to snap a picture and complete the level!