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At these paddleball games all you have to do is to make as many doubles with your paddle as you can to make the you highest score. You will have to use your mouse for this game. Drag your mouse side to side on the screen to hit the ball again and again and …

At these paddleball games the score will be displayed on the left up corner of your screen. There you can see you current score, and your best high score. Every time when you don’t manage to hit the ball your current score will be reset and if that score was higher than your previous high scores it will automatic ally transform into your current high score. Only if you practice some rounds you will be able to make a score higher than 100. But don’t get lazy, because 100 points at these games is nothing. There are some online players who made over than 1000 points.

Take your time, relax before you play these paddle games and try to make the highest score that was ever made. You have to be relaxed before you start to play this game because it can take a while to make all those points. Timing is everything at all these paddleball games.

As a hint, try to move your mouse under the ball as slowly as you can to make as many doubles as you can. Don’t move your mouse chaotically because it can cost you a lot. Be patient, take your time, and prove us who the best is at these paddleball games. Become a pro at these amazing games in a few minutes.

Paddleball is a game for those who have some free time, and some skills for paddleball game. There are also lots of free ping pong games on our site that you can choose to play if you get bored about this paddleball game. Enjoy playing these amazing games only on our site, and don’t forget to subscribe your highest score to prove us that you are the king or queen at these kind of games.