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Summer olympics games are very popular because of the history and the popularity of the competition itself. The game Olympics includes 8 sportive categories: javelin, weightlifting, kayak, diving, skeet, equestrian, 100m sprint and fencing.

Olympics is one of those games where you can play the same thing over and over again, because you can improve your score and time with every play. And this is what summer plympics games are about: getting better every time you play it.

Olympics is one of the complez summer olympic games not just because it has 8 levels available for the player, but also because of the different types of game play that they present. And there's also game view. For example, there's the Equestrian, which is a top view level where you have to ride a horse and jump across the obstacles in the scene. The controls are simple: if you press the up key many time, the horse will run faster, and with the left and right keys you move the horse to the left and to the right. Differently, 100m Sprint is a side view level where you consecutively and pretty fast you have to press the right arrow key and the left arrow key.

So if you are a fan of olympics games, the game Olympics is just right for you. It offers lots of fun, nice visuals and sounds and the game play make you feel like you're playing more than just one game. Also, don't hesitate to play Olympics again anytime you feel like it, and also periodically check out our latest sport games.