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Npower Test Series


It is high time that you stopped screening the internet for good games because now you just found the right place to play any sport game your heart desires. Among these games we also have some PC cricket games! These games are kind of rare because cricket is a game that is not that popular – it is a game for those with blue blood! 

So, for all of you out there what do you say that we try together and play Npower Test Series! And for all of you who don’t know the game I suggest you start learning. It is not that hard, it is interesting and challenging. I will surely help you understand the rules and how you should play. So, are you ready for these PC cricket games?

Npower Test Series is a very complex game that offers you the possibility to choose how you play it. It gives you the choice to choose between playing using the mouse or the keyboard – whatever is easier for you! All you have to do is play free online cricket games like this one for a few minutes, try both ways and choose!

The controls used to play Npower Test Series are quite easy, you only have to hollow the ball after it is released and if you use the keyboard press the arrow key that is in the flight of the ball. The same with the mouse – use the left and right button to perform a hit!

When it comes to the rules of these PC cricket games, they are all the same, meaning you have to hit the ball and throw it as far as you can to receive the maximum number of points and not let it pass behind you and get bowled. If you get bowled you automatically loose the game! So be careful! 

You will see that even if you are not used to these PC cricket games you will become an expert in no time! These are really games which you can call addictive! Just imagine yourself learning a new and interesting sport…