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Neon Rider


Now you are in a world covered with neon’s and you have only a car to finish all the levels. By playing this cycling game you will fell like in a new world. You will need to go all the way down on different colored neon’s till the finish line. All you need is a doze of fun and a keyboard to manage to reach all the levels.

By playing cycling games you will see that you will satisfy your need to race, because this specific game is all about speed and control. To win this game you will have to complete all the 15 levels. You will move and speed with these keys: w, a, s, d. Play cycling games and get some speed by pressing the “w” button, but be careful because like in real life, high-speed can be dangerous and then you need to break to avoid crashing by pressing the “s” key. The “a” and “d” keys are for balance. While you play cycling games you need to get yourself a clean landing, by balancing up your car using those two specific keys. Each level is different and harder than the last one and with a different bonus time for level completion. After you finish a level you can see your score. The level score is made by your time and the bonuses. After a few levels you will need to change your car color at each round because the neon colors will be different. To change your car color you will use your arrows. Pressing the up arrow your color will transform in a green one, down arrow in blue one, left arrow in red one and the right arrow in a yellow one. While you play cycling games be careful because the neon’s are changing at each jump and you will have to choose the right color to land correctly.

Play this cycling game online every time you would like to get a new high score, and submit it. Don’t forget to control yourself with high-speed and play cycling games online.