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Monster Snowboard


In these easy snowboarding games you will have to avoid the obstacles and get to the finish line in time. You will be followed by a monster that will try to catch you. By hitting the slope obstacles you will reduce the distance between you and the monster, and by doing that the monster will definitely catch you shortly.

Use your keyboard to avoid the obstacles by pressing the arrow keys and jump over these obstacles by pressing the space bar key. The goal for these easy snowboarding games is to gain as many points as you can. You will do that by picking some purple things of the ski track.

You will start these easy snowboarding games with a funny story. A monster will chase you and your friend, and finally the monster will catch your friend. You have to go further on the slope and to avoid as many obstacles as you can to win the race. The game ends when you reach the finish line. You will have at the beginning of the game three lives. For each time the monster will catch you, you will lose a life. Collect as many points as you can during the game before you reach at the finish line to get the best high score for these easy snowboarding games.

Don’t forget that you can choose to play these easy snowboarding games in the multiplayer mode against your friends. In this way you will find this game funnier and more interactive. Play some rounds before you challenge your friends at these amazing games to be able to beat them more easily. The practice and the timing is everything. Use all your keys to avoid the obstacles and pick more points than your friend does to beat him.

Monster Snowboard is a funny type of freestyle skiing game and one of the easiest snowboarding games. By practicing some rounds you will be able to complete this game easily and you will understand the meaning of a snowboarder. Who knows, maybe someday you will be a pro rider even in real life. Enjoy!