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Lateral Collateral 2


More and more football games online free of charge started to appear on the internet, games that are better and better, with an improved graphic and cheering soundtrack! Lateral Collateral 2 is a game seen from the above! This way you will have a better view over what you have to do on the field. 

In order to play football games free you have to use the arrow keys to get to the other side of the field without being tackled by other players. When you want to pass the ball from the active player to another one you have to use the side arrows according to the direction you want the ball to take.

Football games online free like this one are very easy to play and they bring you the atmosphere of the football arena into your home. Lateral Collateral 2 is a game dedicated to those who love this sport and not only; adults and children can play it as it is not that violent. What do you say about that?