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King Ping Pong


At these online ping pong games you will have to use your mouse to control your player and to manage to hit the ball. The timing is everything at these online ping pong games. Also try to put some curves on your ball to put your opponent in a difficult position. The player who will reach first 11 points will win the game.

At these online ping pong games each player will have 5 balls to serve. The computer will start serving the ball. Be careful because it’s a smart player and it can also put you in a difficult position. Avoid playing the ball too close to the net because the computer can smash the ball and if it manages to do that you will definitely lose that point.

At these online ping pong games the score will be displayed on the right up corner of your screen. On the left box of the table score your points will be displayed and on the right box of the table score your opponent score will be displayed. Why do I say your opponent’s score? Because these online ping pong games can be played also in the multiplayer mode. And by doing that you can challenge your friends to a ping pong match online. Practice some rounds before you play against your friend to be able to beat him or her much easier.

If you choose to play these online ping pong games against your friend you will have to know that your friend will use the keyboard to control his or her player. Read the instructions of the game to see which are those keys and hit the start button to start playing these amazing online ping pong games.

These paddleball games are interactive if you play them correctly. The King Ping Pong is the best tennis table game of all. By playing these online ping pong games you will definitely improve your skills at ping pong. Enjoy playing these amazing games, and don’t forget to subscribe your higher score to our site.