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Jump Duck


You know very well that football is a very popular sport and if you want you can go now and play it with your friends, but you will play simple football that sometimes risks to become a little bit tiring and maybe boring. That is why these football games online for free have some extra features! To make the game more interesting and entertaining for you!

You will see that you will start loving all football games after you have played Jump Duck for some minutes… Not all football games online for free give you the chance to jump and duck from the obstacles that are in your way… well… this one does! Using the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ arrows you can avoid bumping into things while you do your best in collecting power ups that will help! 

Now it’s time for you to see if you can be one of the best at playing football games online for free! I am sure that you will manage to have a great score in the end… Enjoy!