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Horse Racing 1


It is time that horse fans claim their place in the virtual world! It is for them that we looked for free online horse riding games and gathered them together for you to have where to choose from! This time we will play a nice and realistic game where you will have the opportunity to race in a horse riding competition against other horse riders! 

Horse Racing 1 is a rather simple game when you consider its graphic but the quality of the game is very high! You will be surprised to see that such a simple game can be so realistic. You will see no special effects, no special powers and nothing out of the ordinary. Only the race! A competition between some horse riders where the best one wins. Let it be you the one to win it!

But first we have to learn the rules of these free online horse riding games! So, in the beginning let’s find the controls… and here comes the surprise! You will play neither with the mouse nor with the keyboard as you got used from other 3d horse riding games. What you have to do is just click on the buttons below the screen. You will see a ‘’whip’’ button and a ‘’jump’’ one. So, when you want to jump over the obstacles click on the jump one and in order to accelerate hit the whip one!

It is an obstacle jump competition so try and jump over the fences because otherwise you will slow down and automatically lose the race. The objective of the game is very logic – who passes the finish line first is the winner! And as a proof they will provide you with the photo of the last three finalists! So there can be no doubt.

These free online horse riding games, although they are rather simple, offer their players the well deserved dose of fun and challenge. So, what do you say about starting the competition right now? Get ready, fill your lungs with air and rely on tour hand eye coordination and speed to win!