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Hit The Sign


If you are looking to play free online cricket games you are in the right place now because here you can find sport games for all taster and ages. The game that we will show you now is a very entertaining cricket game that is suited for fans of this game, for people who want to learn it, try something new of just spend some time playing an entertaining and fun game.

Hit The Sign is a game that you can play easily using your mouse, so, as you may think, this is a very good thing for a game where you have to hit a ball in order to win because it gives you the freedom you need to aim and shoot. These PC cricket games are thought in such ways as for you to play them as easy as possible. When you play free online cricket games like Hit The Sign you can easily sit comfortably in your chair and enjoy the ride and challenge that it gives you without needing to stay focused on the screen.

As I said before, now you will play free online cricket games where you have to use your mouse – its movements and the left click. So… after you have picked up the player to represent you in the battle you can start to play. What you will have to do is very easy – just try to follow the released ball and click on it when it is close to you to hit it.

What you actually have to do and the real goal of Hit The Sign is to try and hit all the balls which are thrown towards you and not let them hit the wood behind you, or with other words – you don’t have to be bowled because then the game is over! If you manage to hit the ball outside of the court it is even better when you play free online cricket games because you will receive the maximum number of points! 

Now that you know about Hit The Sign what do you say about trying it?! So let’s have some fun and play free online cricket games!