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High Dive Hero


At these diving games online your goal is to score as many points as you can with 3 jumps. Use your keyboard to control your diver at these diving games online. Practicing and timing are everything at this amazing game. Take your time, read the instructions of the game before you play it and you will definitely make the biggest score of all times at this ding game.

Use your arrow keys and your action keys to control your diver at these diving games online. Also by pressing the space bar key of your keyboard you will jump with your diver. To start this game you will need first to select your gender, then press the space bar key to jump with your diver. When you bounce up on the board, press again space to jump higher and then press one of your action keys: “x”, “c” or “v”. Be careful because to time this incorrectly will result in a pour jump.

Whilst diving, use the arrow keys to rotate the diver and use those action keys to change your position. Enter the water vertically to gain more points. If you dive in the water with your head first you will gain more points than if you land with your feet first at these diving games online. At your first jump you will have to dive with your diver from a height of 5 meters. At your second jump from a height of 10 meters and for your final jump you will have to dive from a height of 15 meters. Score as many points as you can at all those jumps and when you end the game submit your score. Practice some rounds and make the biggest score to submit it to our worldwide list of diving games to see where you stand at this game.

High Dive Hero is one of the high diving games that you can choose to play whenever you would like only on this marvelous site. Enjoy playing these diving games online and improve your skills to become a pro at these games.