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Half Pipe


In these kinds of skateboarding games online for free there are a various types of tricks that you can do, if you want to get a high score.

There are 4 skateboards you can choose from, 3 possible tracks and 3 modes to play this kinds of skateboarding games online for free: the “Free Skate” mode, the “Match Play” mode and the “Timed Skate” mode. Each one has some differences from the others.

To start this skateboarding game online for free, first you will need to select a board. You can pick the one you like more. Each one has a different theme. After you clicked on your selected board, press next button. There first you have to select a tune: track 1, track 2 or track 3. Finally to start the game you have to select a play mode and to press the next button.

You will play these kinds of skateboarding games online for free with your keyboard. Press the space bar to gain speed when your board is on the ramp. Release the space bar to lunch off the ramp. Press your arrow keys to perform tricks while you are in the air.

In the free skate mode you can practice as long as you want, to improve your tricks and your landing. In the match play, you will have to beat your opponent with your learned tricks, by getting a higher score then him. Try to land correctly after you do a trick, because if you don’t, you will lose your points for that trick, but your old score will remain. You will have 60 seconds for each round to get a high score by doing all the tricks. After those 3 rounds you can see your score and if you want you can subscribe it.

Half Pipe can teach you how to skate and to land correctly if you pay some attention at these freestyle skateboarding games. Those skateboarding games online for free are an easy way to learn some tricks, and who knows, maybe someday you will perform them to live.