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Free Kick


What do you say about trying some classic soccer games instead of wondering around thinking of how to spend you free time? As soccer is among the most famous sports in the world you have a large variety of games that are axed on this sport from which to choose. What we have prepared for you today is a game simply called Free Kick and its name depicts exactly what you need to do when playing.

So, what is to say about the goal of these classic soccer games is that you will be able to complete what is being asked from you very easy and with no problems because the game is designed in such a way that you will be able to control every move you want to make! So, the aim of Free Kick is to score as many goals in a row as you can, this way you will advance in the game and it will become harder each time you beat your own record.

These classic soccer games are structured on levels, but you won’t actually see when you are advancing from one to another, you will only feel it in the hardness of the kicks. This is why the game needs to have so many control meters with which you can properly set the trajectory, aim, speed and curve of the ball.

So, use your mouse to set these meters by clicking on the ‘’set’’ button when it indicates the value you desire. It is not hard at all to score; you only have to cheat the goal-keeper with the trajectory and effect of the kick.

Another fact that will seam strange when you play penalty games like Free Kick is that you will everything in black and white – just like watching a football game on an old television set. This fact makes the game quite interesting and it also changes the atmosphere. You won’t feel sorry that you have chosen to play these classic soccer games!