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Fisherboy is on of the free online swimming games that you don't really want to miss. It's fun and you can spend some nice 10 minutes playing on it without getting bored. Even if we're talking about spearfishing here don't worry, there's no violence in the game, it's just a fun cartoon-style game.

There are several target fish that you need to catch and there are also different weapons to select. Upgrades are available for spearfishing between levels and you purchase the upgrades with the money you made by catching all the targeted fish. This makes it one of the most complex fun swimming games that we ever played online.

The controls, much like in most other free online swimming games are set to the arrow keys. The air level indicator bar to the top of the screen lets you know exactly how much time you have until you need to resurface for air. The speargun also needs some time to reload and you'll also see a progress bar at the to p right side of the screen.

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