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Drag Racer V3


If you're training yourself for the drag race competition of your career or, on the contrary, you'd just like to spice up your spare time with some adrenaline pumping, intense NHRA drag racing games, then the Drag Racer V3 is the perfect game to perfect your car racing skills with!

First of all, what makes it stand apart from all the NHRA drag racing games available to you on the internet is its really complex car tuning section! Get ready for a supercars parade, and I'm talking here about the Toyota Celica, the Honda Prelude, the Nissan 240SX and many other beauties from the fantastic cars' big family! Pick the super car of your dreams, then get ready to make it look ever more drop dead gorgeous, if possible, and even more performant. Carefully select its body parts, decide upon the paint and so on. Once you're 100% sure that its look will make all the other drag racing cars pale by comparison, that it has all the necessary upgrades that will grant you the top position at the end of the level, get ready to drag race! Like in the great majority of the NHRA drag racing games available online, for accelerating and making your sports car reach mind blowing speeds, you have to click on the spacebar button on your keyboard, it will fill in your car's engine with gas. Don't forget to use the up and down arrow keys, too, for shifting gears like a professional drag car driver. The Drag Racer V3 will definitely become your top favorite game, from all the NHRAdrag racing games that you've tried before! Do your best so that the engine doesn't break down, send gas to your super car's engine and shift gears as quickly as it takes for your car to reach some adrenaline pumping, extreme speeds!

It makes no difference whether you're already played lots of free free drag racing games or if the Drag Racer V3 game is among the first NHRA drag racing games that you have ever tested your skills with, it's equally addictive, no matter you level of skills. One you get behind the wheel of your tuned up super drag race car and you start to race you'll have only one thing on your mind: "I have to be the first who reaches the finish lne!"