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Dodgeball 5ds


Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, Dodge! Everybody knows these are the Dodgeball 5Ds! So how about trying to take each one of these rules and implement them in one of the most fun online dodgeball games you can find on internet? And yes, you need to dodge twice! This skillful fun challenge is among the most focused single-player online dodgeball games, relying simply on those 5Ds of Dodgeball. So what are you waiting for? Prepare your fingers on that keyboard and never let yourself be caught with your guard down. Use the arrows to move left/right/down/up or, in simple words, use the arrows to meet those 5Ds of dodgeball that you want to find in all online dodgeball games. Duck with the "down" arrow, dodge to the left or to the right with your left/right arrows and dive or dip with your "up"arrows. Combine the arrows for a full movement combination, letting you experience and enjoy the real feel of dodgeball.

Pizza cartons, bottles and mean metal objects will fly straight to you, trying to put you down. But you, as a master dodge-ball player, need to focus and use your skills so that you can win this and any other powerful online dodgeball games.

This fun and dynamic game has a cartoonish design and approach, so it's really among those very suitable dodgeball games for kids. Your child will absolutely love to play this game, and so will any adult out there.

Teaching you how to master the dodge, duck, dip and dive techniques, the Dodgeball 5Ds is one of the best online dodgeball games you can find! Your personal dodgeball skill will improve for sure! Of course, you can find other team dodgeball games online as well, and compare how you can win in a team or by yourself. It all depends on the kind of player you are. The fun is still the same!