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Disco Bowling


Playing this game you will feel like in a disco in 1980 because the bowling ball is a disco ball and the environment music is specific for those disco years. You will start this kind of free bowling games by pressing the START button. For this game you can choose to put the background music on mute if this is bothering you by pressing the note music. Also while playing, you will hear sounds for every action that you take. Like the background music, you can choose to mute the sound effects by pressing the volume button.

Playing free bowling games you can improve your skills and became a professional player. While playing this game, a hand with a ball will appear. That hand is you. You will control the ball with the mouse and you will have to take down all the pins. If you can make it with one throw that means you have a strike, and if you can make it with the second throw that means you have a spare.

On the screen, above the pins you can see your score. Now, let’s see how you will actually play this type of free bowling games. First, all you have to do is to click to select the position from where you want to throw the ball. Then you need to move the mouse up and down to select with how much power you will throw the ball. This power is indicated by the line displayed on your left screen box. And finally to throw the ball, click your mouse again. Also you can guide your ball’s movement by moving your mouse when the ball is rolling. This way you will manage a curve ball. Like in each free bowling game you will have at least 20 balls. The highest score that you can reach is 240, but only with full strikes. If you manage a strike for the final round you will receive 2 extra rounds.

So, play some free bowling games, and be the champion at bowling games for kids by playing the Disco Bowling. Be careful though, it can cause addiction because it’s really interesting and funny.