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Desert Jeep


So, are you ready for another round of frenetic driving on the roads of the city? If you don’t thing of another way to make you boredom go away we suggest you try a cool free jeep racing game! Desert Jeep is a game where you will have the chance to pick up your 4X4 wheels from some models and then start the race on the streets.

When playing this free jeep racing game you will be allowed to do anything your heart desires as long as you reach your target and manage to catch the car you are supposed to. So, when it comes to playing these free online car racing games you have to be very confident and hope you don’t bump in too many cars or take too many cracks in the road under your wheels and you will be all right!

I order to steer the car that you have chosen to use in this free jeep racing game you need to use the arrow keys, meaning the ‘’up’’ one to accelerate and the side ones to steer left and right when needed. Now all that we can hope is that you manage to catch the target easy and soon become the ultimate champion!