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Defend The Ashes


All of you out there who are looking to play free cricket games here are some extraordinary and very challenging games that may interest you. So, if you still haven’t found the game that suits you best and are still seeking I am sure that you will definitely find it among these ones. For example Defend the Ashes cricket game is one of the most popular of them all and there is no chance you won’t like it. 

And if you want to play free cricket games and all kind of sport games you should prepare yourself because here we have lots of games that are quite addictive. Defend the Ashes cricket game is quite different from other games on this theme because you won’t actually play cricket…

You will have at your disposal a lot of different objects to try to stop the cricket players from stealing your cup. If you look at the top of the screen you will see some objects – a coffee cup, a full spoon, a telephone box, cars, lightning and even the picture of Shakespeare! Each of these icons have a specific power. Use these powers and also the hand that appears instead of the mouse cursor to stop the cricket players from reaching the top. 

When plying Defend the Ashes cricket game you only have to click on the icon and then use it. When you run out of powers you can use the hand to pick up and throw the players out of the screen! Sounds nice, right? I think that this game will delight you at the max because of the way it is thought – it is a cricket game but you won’t play cricket. Its creators tried to make it more interesting and they succeded!

Don’t you dare to think twice before trying Defend the Ashes cricket game! And don’t you dare criticize it before playing… You will see that sports ca be associated and in combination with other characteristics extraordinary games can be born!