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Dark Water The Fight


If you are ready for some muay thai games, get ready because we just prepared for you some games for everybody! The free kickboxing games that we prepared for you are very entertaining and active. The one that you will play today is called Dark Water The Fight and I am certain that you will have lots of fun playing it.

Dark Water The Fight is one of the most challenging muay thai games where, surprisingly, you will impersonate a girl fighter; a brave and beautiful woman who has the skills to fight her way to fulfill her destiny.

At first, you will be surprised by the extremely good graphic that you will see while playing this game… you will wonder the seas trying to help this female set the scores right with the ones that have wronged her.

Dark Water The Fight is a challenging and interesting game that has as a main objective winning each and every fight and overpowering all the opponents that you will encounter. This game is quite different from other muay thai games because here you will have the opportunity to concentrate only upon your kickboxing moves and not loose time with controlling the moves of the player. You will have certain keys for different types of kicks; mainly you will need to use the arrows from your keyboard in order to defeat the enemy. 

Set in an exotic, far … far away ship in the middle of the ocean, Dark Water The Fight will open new gates and portals to a world full of adventure where you will feel the adrenalin rushing through your veins at every move. You will encounter different characters, all unique in their own way and all having their interesting story to share.


So, what do you think? Are you ready for one of the most unique adventure of your life? If you don’t have anything interesting to do today you can embark in this journey where you will have the opportunity to see places and people, sail and fight for your cause. The only way to experience these is by playing muay thai games on the internet!