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Crunch Ball 3000


Have you ever wondered how it would be in the future… how the people would be, how we would spend out free time and I bet that some of you wondered how sports would change along time… well… Crunch Ball 3000 gives you an alternative glimpse into how football would be in the future… mainly in the year 3000. So, if you are looking to play free soccer games that may change your perspective on future you need to try Crunch Ball 3000!

Even from the beginning strange futuristic sounds will welcome you, and a graphic that makes your think about cyber men! Well… the atmosphere that it creates is exactly what this game needs because you will actually play using instead of human characters some very solid robot players! So, if you are looking to see how you would manage controlling those cyber men all that you need to do is play free soccer games like Crunch Ball 3000.

Like all the best soccer games, Crunch Ball 3000 is being played using the keyboard – but it also has a down side because there are a little too many keys for this game and sometimes it can confuse you. And the fact that the keys used are also spread across the keyboard can make the player loose its concentration. But after some practice you will surely start to feel the hang of it and get used to the keys.

So, when you play free soccer games like this one you have to keep in mind that you have to use the arrow keys in order to run around the field, the ‘’G’’ / ‘’L’’ to tackle or change formation and ‘’H’’ to pass or change player. While you play you will surely hear the metallic sound that the robots are making when bumping into one another – this sound may seam strange at the beginning because it is not an usual sound for a football game!

You can also choose the duration of the match before starting to play according to your mood. You can also change the outfit of your cyber men and then start playing! All that I can still say is that when you play free soccer games that are set in the future you can also have a good time and have a short glimpse about how the creator thought this sport would be thousands of years on. How do you think it will be? Just imagine…