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Cricket Masterblaster


Are you ready to play some of the most realistic free cricket games? What about trying for some minutes the ultimate game when it comes to playing cricket – it is called Cricket Masterblaster! And you will find its name a little bit too violent for such a game. Don’t be disappointed because once you start playing you will discover all the nice and interesting things that this game has to offer.

When it comes to playing ipl cricket games you will realize that although this game is not that popular like other games that you used to play on the internet and also in real life, but it can offer more than you can imagine.

Cricket Masterblaster will bring on the monitors of your computer some nice, realistic bat and ball free cricket games which you will surely enjoy playing. You will soon discover that Cricket Masterblaster is not an easy game to play – everything that you have to do is to play classic cricket – to try and hit the ball that is being thrown towards you. Each hit will bring you a certain number a points…

In order to win these free cricket games you need to pass through all the levels without loosing. Be careful that each level is harder than the previous one and the total score which you need to have will continue to rise. So, what about practicing before starting the actual game?

Unlike other free cricket games, Cricket Masterblaster is made in such a way that it is easier for you to play using the keyboard. In order to make the opponent throw the ball just press the space bar and according to its trajectory hot the ‘’down’’, ‘’left’’ or ‘’right’’ arrow at the right time to hit the ball. Each hit will bring you valuable points!

All in all, as you have an overall impressure about how these free cricket games are being played and also its rules I believe that now you are ready to try and play. Let’s see how many balls you can strike!