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Cricket Master Blaster


If you are here that means you are between those people who enjoy a good game. That is why you should start to play cricket games online like Cricket Master Blaster as soon as you finish reading and learn the basics of this game.

This time you will play cricket games online using the keyboard, and more exactly the arrow keys. When you are feeling ready for the ball just press the space bar and you will see that a red circle will mark the point of landing. According to its location you can choose the type of swing you need by pressing the arrows. For example, if the ball lands more to the right you have to use the right arrow to hit it!

Just be careful about the timing when playing these 3d cricket games because if you miss the shots you will loose. The aim of Cricket Master Blaster is quite logic and it is waiting for you to score as many 6-ers. So, start and play cricket games online to become a winner!