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Cricket Challenge


There are new cricket games that everybody loves, no matter if they are fans of this sport or not, no matter it they actually practice it or just like watching and playing cricket games… These games, among which there is also Crocket Challenge – the game that I am recommending you right now!

Because you have shown yourself to be a cricket lover I am sure that you will enjoy this game very much! When you play cricket games online you usually use the mouse to swing the bat and hit the ball, but not this time! Here you will use the keyboard – which is considerably harder… This will really be a challenge for you!

You will have several types of hits from where to choose, depending on the type of ball you get, so, combine pressing the arrow keys with the ‘’shift’’ button and you will give some nice effects to your hit! Play these new cricket games and see how much fun it will be to become an expert is online cricket games!