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Many people love the mountain and many people enjoy sports and activities that have something to do with it, so, for you – who like climbing up the mountain and enjoy adventure we have some online rock climbing games which you will enjoy! If you are ready I suggest you start with a game called Climber!

This nice game is challenging and fun and at the same time funny! Why funny? Because you will actually laugh at the character you will impersonate for as long you play! Rock climbing games 2012 are rare and you should take advantage of this unique opportunity and start playing right away!

Also, Climber is a game that has few controls and gives you the maximum level of freedom… using the mouse you can climb upwards! Click on the window and you will see a power bar; click again to shoot the arrow that will help you climb but be careful not to fall! These online rock climbing games really sound fun, isn’t it? See if you like it by trying it first hand!