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Bumper Boat Bonanza


Bumper Boat Bonanza is a simple and fun game that, unlike other bumper boat games that you can find online, is being played using the mouse. Well… how? It is rather simple… and the game itself is also simple. The rules are not that hard and you can play as long as you want if you do it right.

The only thing that you have to do is move the mouse on the trajectory that you would like the boat to follow and it will. The objective of these interesting racing boat games online is to earn points by bumping into the opponent’s boat. By doing this you will loose up the other’s strength and finally you will destroy it.

These bumper boat games also give you the chance to increase your score by gathering the bubbles for repairing your boat and the rubber duckies for gaining more power for the bump. By playing Bumper Boat Bonanza you will feel like a kid playing with his boats in the tub! It will so awesome!