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Brown Cow Curling3


Are you ready for another online curling game? This time we bring to you an extremely funny online curling game called Brown Cow Curling 3. The main characters of this game are some very cute cows that help you play. You have to be very careful because they are very sensitive and you don’t want to upset them. If you love funny games that put you in a good mood Brown Cow Curling 3 is the perfect online curling game for you! You will enjoy seeing the faces they make, and in no time you will become addicted! 

The rules of Brown Cow Curling 3 are practically the same as in every online curling game! The aim of the game is to push the stone as close to the target as you can to get points. If your stone stops on the target you will be allocated a certain number of points; if not you don’t get anything… Brown Cow Curling 3 is a free curling game that is usually played in two… either you choose to play against the computer or you can compete against one of your friends!

When you start playing Brown Cow Curling 3 you need to know how to play it to have the advantage and this way score points. Don’t forget that this is a competition! So, you need to use the left mouse click to select the direction and power of the throw and the ‘’left’’ and ‘’right’’ arrows to polish the ice for a better slide! The funny fact is that when you polish the ice two nice brown cows will help you and polish it using their tails! Isn’t this funny? Isn’t this the most entertaining online curling game that you have ever played? 

Brown Cow Curling 3 is a game that you will certainly enjoy. It is an online curling game that combines the challenge of the competition with fun in such a nice way that you won’t feel the stress at all! You will just have the best time playing it!