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Bomb Pong


Table tennis is an extremely popular sport… all over the world people play it by millions. You can play it as a championship sport or just for fun, anyway, it is an active and fun sport to play, so if you don’t have the opportunity and most important you don’t have time to practice this sport in real life you can always try and play it on the internet! Bomb Pong is not only a free online table tennis game but it can be played by anybody who is a fan of this very popular sport. So, if you are looking for having some fun playing an interesting free online table tennis game for people of all ages you came to the right place! Prepare yourself for some fun and start playing Bomb Pong right now!

Have you ever imagined how it would be to play some table tennis with small and fragile bombs? Now you have this unique opportunity as technology gives you the chance to see how it would be to play a round of free online table tennis game having instead of a ball a small bomb. The aim of Bomb Pong is to stop the bombs from exploding on your side of the table, and also be careful not to miss them because it will be a point for the opponent.

Bomb Pong is very easy to play, only by using the mouse to hit the bomb. While playing this free online table tennis game you will see the table from your point of view and you will be able to see the trajectory that your hit will have; so, if you want the bomb to go to the left just hit it with the right half of the palette and vice versa if you want to follow the other direction. Easy, right? Everything that you have to do is to start playing and having a good time only with this free online table tennis game! So, good luck and I am sure that you will have lots of fun playing this unconventional table tennis game free online.