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Bmx Extreme


Are you ready to discover an interesting and challenging cycling flash game where you have to perform new and ingenious stunts every moment? If you feel the need to ride your BMX right now just take a trip into the cybernetic world of the internet; with all its’ possibilities and opportunities.

Bmx Extreme is the type of cycling flash game that you can play in two different modes. One just to practice and the other one as a competition! You can choose to play the Free Game Mode – the perfect way to practice and become better and better! Here you have no time limit and you can play as long as you want even if you fall many times. This is perfect for discovering new ways to perform new and interesting stunts new ways to combine the stunts in order to score the maximum number of points. The second game mode you can play is Competition; here you race against time, you only have one minute to score as many points as you can by performing challenging tricks. Bmx Extreme is a very accessible cycling flash game as it gives you the opportunity to practice before you can engage yourself in a competition.

Bmx Extreme is a very pleasant game for the eye, you can clearly see all the movements of the biker while performing tricks and also it is a very steady and easy game to play as you will see when playing; the biker is very easy to control and doesn’t loose its balance very easily. You just have to use the keyboard arrows in order to control the direction of the bike and ‘’Z’’, ‘’X’’ and ‘’C’’ keys to perform stunts. Aren’t you curious yet to see what tricks has this free cycling flash game prepared for you? Well… you will be surprised! So, get ready to be stunned by what you can do when playing this interesting cycling flash game!