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Blast Billiardss


If you are a fan of online free online billiards games now is the time to take advantage of this unique opportunity and play the Blast Billiardss. Playing Blast Billiardss you will demonstrate to yourself how good you are at this sport. It is the most challenging from all free online billiards games. Blast Billiardss will help you become an expert in this sport.

When you look for the first time at Blast Billiardss you will see that it looks exactly like a normal game of pool except from the little numbers on the balls. Numbers that represent the amount of seconds remaining…This time you play against time and the hardest thing is that time is short and it runs out quickly... You have only 100 seconds to pocket all the balls or they will explode on the table! If you still have balls on the table when the time reaches 0 you loose! The game is over! This type of free online billiards game will make you want to play again and again until you become an expert!

This is a pool billiards game that is quite different from the usual pool games with which you are used to play; this is a game that you play on levels. Each level is harder than the previous one… that means you still have 100 seconds to pocket, but you will have more balls and different rules... So, you have to think very well before you take a shot, but do not think for long…time is running out.

Now I think that you finally found what you were looking for from all the free online billiards games that exist online! Blast Billiardss will challenge you to the limits! Blast Billiardss will become one of your favorite games from all the free online billiards games although it is quite hard and sometimes maybe even tiring! Just make sure that time doesn’t run out on you; this time it is not on your side!