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Blast Billiards 4


If you are a fan of online free billiards games now is the time to take advantage of this unique opportunity and play the new Blast Billiards 4. Blast Billiards 4 will demonstrate how well your aiming skills are. It is the most challenging of all the free billiards games that you can find on the internet. Blast Billiards 4 will make you an expert in using the pool stick.

When you look for the first time at Blast Billiards 4 you will observe that it looks exactly like a normal game of pool! But if you are more attentive you will see that this game is very much different from a normal game of billiards. You play against time this round. And the time is short. You have only 100 seconds to pocket all the balls or else they will explode, the game will be over and you loose! When you pocket a ball your score will be represented by the number of seconds you still have remaining… this type of free billiards game will make you want to play again and again until you win.

Blast Billiards 4 is the type of game that is being played on levels. All the levels are hard because you have such little time to score and you do not have the opportunity to think and calculate your hits for a long time. But this thing makes this free billiards game more challenging than any other game of this type! In the meantime you also have to be very careful not to miss or pocket the cue ball because there will be penalties of time.

I believe that finally you found the right one from all the free billiards games that exist online! Blast Billiards 4 will challenge you to try to overcome your own limits. Blast Billiards 4 will become one of your favorite games from all the free billiards games online! Just make sure that time doesn’t run out on you; this time it is not on your side!