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If you are looking for good billiards games to play you found the right place. We have tons of billiards games and not only. If you are a fan of any sport here you can surely find a game that suits your personality. If you are a fan of pool games and are looking for billiards games to play online you should try playing Billiards, a very nice billiards game that will keep you busy for some time.

Billiards is a complex game that incorporates two types of pool: 8 ball pool and Straight pool. You can play against the computer or against another opponent. This is the best billiards game to play as you have a lot of options in a single game. Here you can find five ways of playing… two for the 8 ball game and three for the Straight pool. Both games have the same set of rules as the actual real game. If you want to play the 8 ball variant you need to know that each player has a set of balls that they have to pocket – be it the stripes or the solids – after you have pocketed all your balls you need to pocket the black 8 ball. The one who pockets the 8 ball correctly is the winner!

Straight pool is simpler than the 8 ball variant. When playing this type of billiards you have to keep in mind the thing that even if you can see on the table both the solids and the stripes it doesn’t matter what ball you pocket as much as the thing that you have pocketed one. Each ball represents one point; when a player reaches 8 points he is considered the winner and the game over!

Billiards, as you could see here, is one of the most complex and realistic billiards games to play on the internet. If you are looking for a little diversity when playing, and if you don’t like to change games for changing the gaming type Billiards is the most suitable from all billiards games for free.