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Alien Truck


When you are feeling static and you got sick and tired of the world you are living in; when you had enough of doing the same old things day after day and seeing the same people it means you need a dose of these alien car driving games! These interesting games will bring you a new view on the world you have around!

Because these games are based on imagination you also have to put yours to work and start imagining the whole thing while you are playing. In order to drive the car you only have to keep you fingers on the arrow keys and these Hummer driving games will be almost won!

Unlock some new and interesting levels while you explore this strange and unexplored world! These alien car driving games will set you into another world – one full of strange plants and a creepy, but at the same time colorful environment. See if you are able to unlock the rest of the levels because each will present itself as a surprise for the new player!