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When it comes to talking about good air diving games it is a shame not to include in the conversation the game that I am about to present and you will play in some minutes. It is called simply Airdrop because that is exactly what you will do when playing… you will drop from the air and fall… and fall until your parachute opens.

This may sound very easy but when you will start the game you will realize that these so much more to this game than beats the eye! These air diving games are usually very interesting games, Airdrop is no lesser! Even if at the first look its graphic may let you down buy it surely wins through the manner of playing and theme. So don’t you hurry and shut it down because, I am telling you, you will loose more than you have expected.

Even if the graphic and the sound are rather rudimentary, the game is very good. So the whole thing goes like this: the advantage of these air diving games is the fact that you only need to use the mouse in order to play – thing which makes it relaxing! And by using the mouse and moving it sideways try to gather all the coins that you see without hitting the walls because you will lose your health.

These are air diving games which you will play on levels but you won’t feel when you are passing from one to another because you will fall non stop, until your parachute will open by itself. Be careful that when you play diving games from the sky you might have to overcome some obstacles, like in this case, when you have to keep your path and not go through the walls. 

Airdrop is also for those of you who are fans of mazes because while falling you will go through some maze looking cliffs… And in the end you will also have a surprise – another last challenge! What are you still waiting for? Start playing air diving games and find out what the surprise is!