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9 Ball


If you are a fan of pool or just like to play it for fun that means you will surely enjoy some online billiards games we prepared for you. I am sure that you already know how to play 9 Ball, a billiards game to play that is very relaxing. Are you ready to start playing a classic set of 9 balls pool? It will seam to you like you are doing the real thing. 9 Ball is one of the free online billiards games that are very well constructed. It is an animated close to reality game that you will enjoy.

The rules are very simple, just when playing this type of billiards; you need to pocket the balls in the correct order. At first you have to start with the lowest numbered ball and target it until it is pocketed, and then move to the next numbered ball. You win when you pocket the last ball – the 9 ball – without breaking any of the rules of the game. While playing 9 Ball you will be very impressed by the level of conformity with a real pool game. It is the most real from all online billiards games that I have ever tried!

The way in which 9 Ball is being played is very simple; just with the help of the mouse… in order to make the billiards stick appear you need to click on the cue ball. When you see the stick that means you are ready to position. Move the mouse and you will see that the stick will follow your moves. Set the position and click to stabilize it. Drag the stick to set the right velocity and release to make the shot.

9 Ball is a game that you will love mostly if you are a fan of pool games. It will be like playing real billiards with your friends in the comfort of your own home. You will surely become a fan of online billiards games after trying this complex realistic pool game!