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Midnight Drift Race: Miami Midnight Drift ... Top Drift Top Drift Drift 2 Max Drift 2 Max High Gear High Gear  Ultimate Drift Challenge Ultimate Drift ... Dangerous Drifting Dangerous Drift ... Supercar Drift Supercar Drift Town Drift Competition Town Drift Comp ... Forest Drift Forest Drift Rally Drift Rally Drift Drifting Wheels Drifting Wheels Total Drift Total Drift Drift Revolution Drift Revolutio ... Red Car Red Car Syntec Drift Syntec Drift Thump Thump Street Drifting Street Drifting Drift Battle Drift Battle Amg Drifting Amg Drifting Supreme Drifting Supreme Driftin ... King Of  Drift King Of Drift Demolition Drifters Demolition Drif ... Winter Drift Winter Drift

About Drifting games

Take some high speed, adrenaline car races, add them some stunning adrenaline drifts, add the comfort factor, too, and what results are the best drifting games available to you on the internet. Satisfy your need for extreme speed, get your drift car driving skills sharpened with no need to rub a bank to get enough money for buying an amazing race car or to hit the closest racing circuit. You can enjoy the online drifting games of your choice with a few simple clicks and experience the addicting sensation of a speedy car race directly from your computer.

Get behind the wheel of the drift supercars of your most daring fantasies, and use the right keys on your keyboard to accelerate this baby, too steer it along the racing track, which I have to “warn” you from the beginning, won’t be an easy to speed on. Reaching maximum speeds and controlling the angel of your drift car will surely be the highest challenge for you to respond to. Make sure to carefully read the online drifting games’ tutorials, then do your best for improving your reaction times and click the right arrow keys for controlling and keeping your race car on the racing circuit.

You should keep one thing in mind, though, when you’re playing drifting games over your computer: speed is only an auxiliary element, spectacular drifts are what you need to pull off while reaching top speeds. Great drifts are the ones that will get you great score, too. To make your task a little easier or the challenge even greater, depending on how you look at it, many drift car racing games on the internet have some great tuning sections, too. Changing your car’s tires for some more advanced ones or even buying a new race supercar, after you’ve collected enough money speeding down the track, is possible, even upgrading your car from the beginning of the game, picking some amazing body kits, spoilers and all sorts of upgrades.

After you’ve trained yourself as a drift driver and you’ve measured your car racing skills against your computer, you can get to the next level and build your reputation as a drift champion competing against other online players in all sorts of drift car racing games tournaments. It’s a truly safer alternative to real life drifting competitions, with zero costs implied and where not even a driver’s license is required, only great skills at using your keyboard for controlling your online drift cars, for making them reach extreme speeds and perform some spectacular drifts. Start your training as an online drift driver and try some of the drifting games on our site!